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It was so great to see all of you at this year's Allen County Fair.  The Agricultural Society puts on a terrific Fair every year.  Congratulations to all those in the 4H clubs, band and cheerleading teams, and those who raised and shown their animals too.  It takes a real committment by those youngsters to participate in these activities.

It's back to school time in Allen County.  Have you seen the school buses in parking lots with the banners on them reminding you to drive carefully?  I have placed a link on our website below to remind you of what the law of Ohio says about school buses.  Please use extra caution when approaching or following a school bus.  Remember their carrying our most precious cargo.. our children.

Click on the icon below to see Ohio law concerning school buses.

Stay Safe !

Sheriff Samuel A. Crish


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04/22/09 - Mortgage Modification Scam Avoidance

7/12/10 Multiple county cooperation captures possible subject involved in Aggravated Robberies and Home Invasions

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Ohio's Concealed Carry Area Juvenile Curfew
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