Contact Information

Allen County Sheriff’s Office - Civil Division

Brett Rider

Phone: (419) 993-1425 

Fax: (419) 222-6323

Pauline DeVita

Phone: (419) 993-1408 

Fax: (419) 222-6323


Civil Division

The Civil Division is charged with the responsibility of processing and maintaining all warrants, summons, writs, subpoenas, and other orders issued to the Sheriff by the court of common pleas, court of appeals, municipal court, juvenile court and probate court. All warrants issued by the governor, writs and subpoenas issued by various state officials and boards and official papers issued by other states to the Sheriff are also processed through the Civil Division.

Sheriff’s Real Estate Sales

  • Real Estate Foreclosure and Tax Sales

Warrants and Civil Process

  • Warrants
  • Criminal Summons
  • Subpoenas
  • Protection Order Service
  • Civil Process Service
  • Probate Order Service

Records Bureau

  • Data Entry
  • Incident Report and Traffic Crash Report Requests
  • Record Checks
  • Civilian Background Fingerprint Checks (WebCheck)
  • House Check Requests

Concealed Carry Information

  • Standard Application Process
  • Temporary Emergency Application Process
  • Fee Schedule
  • Training Requirements
  • Disqualifiers
  • Prohibited Places
  • Reciprocity With Other States

County Property Auctions

Periodically, because of a court order, unclaimed property or obsolete property, materials and equipment, the Sheriff’s Office will hold a public auction to dispose of the items. These sales are open to the public and sold at an open oral auction. Occasionally, as the Ohio Revised Code permits, sealed bids may be taken. The terms of each individual sale will be advertised here and in the Lima News, as well as be posted at the door to the courthouse. Items can range from motor vehicles to computers to kitchen equipment to lawn ornaments to sporting goods, etc. Other items are listed on as appropriate. return to top