D.A.R.E. Program 

The D.A.R.E. Program is a ten week program teaching kids the dangers of drugs, tobacco and alcohol. We learn how to make good decisions, how to handle peer pressure and why friends and family are so important.

The D.A.R.E. Program also offers free photo/DNA identification cards throughout Allen County. The cards are wallet-sized for parents to keep an updated photo and their child’s DNA just in case the child comes up missing.

The D.A.R.E. Program offers two summer camps for the youth of Allen County. One is held in Delphos at Franklin Elementary school and the other one is held at the Allen County Fairgrounds.  


If anyone has Beanie Babies or that size of stuffed animals that they would like to donate to the Allen County D.A.R.E. Program, PLEASE let me know. I give them away to the kids during the Allen County Fair after they have their Child ID card is done. Also looking for toy cars (Matchbox size) or trading cards for the boys. If you wish to donate, you can drop them off at the Allen County Sheriff's Office or contact me and I will pick them up. Deputy Mike White @ 419-235-7708 or whitem@acso-oh.us or of course Facebook. Thanks for any consideration !!!

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2016 /2017 D.A.R.E. Essay Winners

                                  Allen East           Riley Mason
                                  Bath                     Jordyn Sturgeon
                                  Bluffton                 Ben Hartzler
                                  Elida                     Nicholas Patton
                                  Franklin               Lucas Clay
                                  Landeck               Madyson Teman
                                  Perry                     Avrie Dunlap
                                  Shawnee               Isabella Moore
                                  Spencerville       Quincey Baumgartner
                             St. John's          Josh Unland
                                  Temple                Caleb Kiser

I would like to express my sincere thanks to EVERYONE who supported the Allen County D.A.R.E. Program in 2016 & so far in 2017. There is no budget for the D.A.R.E. Program so we rely 100% on donations from the community. If you, your business or organization would like to donate to the Allen County D.A.R.E. Program, PLEASE contact Deputy Mike White or the Sheriff's Office. 100% of your donation goes back to the kids of Allen County. Thank you for any consideration !!! 


Delphos Canal Days Parade
Join the Allen County D.A.R.E. Program and walk with Deputy Mike in the Delphos Canal Days Parade. Our position is #22 which should be close to the front of the parade as they line-up. Please meet no later than 1:30pm at our position. Please have your parents pick you up at the end of the parade near St. John's or let me know it is ok for you to walk back to your agreed upon meeting location.



Allen County D.A.R.E. Program

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    Allen County D.A.R.E. Program Coordinator

    Deputy Mike White

    Phone: (419) 235-7708

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